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      What are the basic information and advantages of a hard sealed ball valve?

      Date:[2016-10-19]    Hits:

      Hard sealed ball valve in the pipeline easy disassembly, suitable for some medium-sized, large chemical projects. Acid and alkali stability, anti-pressure ability, durable in use and stability. Seal the front seat and the ball surface should be equipped with ball, and then put the sphere in the closed position, install the left valve body, adjust the gasket, tighten the screws, static pressure irrigation does not leak, then the valve in the sealed test Can guarantee the seal. Sealed ball valve in line with the current structure of the ball valve at home and abroad the length of the connection form and connection size of the relevant standards, used in metallurgy, textile and oil industries, the effect is good.


      Sealed ball valve with ordinary performance of the ball, but also has a special high temperature, friction and Shuangliu items into and exports from the sealing function, the valve torque more balanced, the valve in the high-frequency, high temperature, high-pressure differential Conditions, the switch performance and stability.

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