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      How to choose stainless steel gate valve, what are the advantages?

      Date:[2016-10-19]    Hits:

      1, stainless steel gate valve opening and closing more effort;

      2, can use a variety of standard pipe flange and flange sealing surface forms to meet the needs of various projects and user requirements;

      3, stainless steel gate valve selection of materials, in line with domestic and international standards, material quality is high;

      4, in line with the requirements of advanced standards at home and abroad, excellent performance, reliable sealing, handsome in appearance;


      5, stainless steel gate valve of the fluid resistance is small, the sealing surface by the erosion and erosion of small media;

      6, the stem after quenching and surface nitriding treatment, a good corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance and abrasion resistance;

      7, the use of wedge-type flexible gate structure, friction is small, large diameter set thrust bearings, and with the impact of hand wheel, open and close easily;

      8, reliable sealing, high temperature, corrosion resistance, high hardness, wear and abrasion resistance performance, the use of a very long life.

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