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      American standard gate valve

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      US standard bevel gear stainless steel gate valve Z541W

      Date:[2016-10-20]    hits: US standard bevel gear stainless steel gate valve Z541W

      Stainless Steel Standard Bevel Gear Valve

      Gate valve, also known as gate valve or gate valve, the most widely used a valve. It is through the gate lift to control the valve opening and closing, gate perpendicular to the fluid direction, change the relative position of the gate and the valve seat can change the channel size.

      Gate valve has the following advantages:

      1, the fluid resistance is small, the sealing surface by the medium brush and erosion of small brush.

      2, opening and closing more effort.

      3, the medium flow is not restricted, not spoiler, do not reduce the pressure.

      4, the shape is simple, the structure length is short, the manufacturing process is good, for a wide range.

      First, use:

      Installation of water, steam pipes, for opening and closing devices used.

      Second, the structure briefly:

      1. Both ends of the branch pipe are welded connection, the valve opening and closing is controlled by the gear transmission.

      2. Valve closed mainly through the valve cover on the bevel gear mechanism and can be adjusted for the double-type single-gate, universal roof, clamp ring and other components, by the body-oriented movement for lifting movements.

      3. Seat surface by cobalt-based hard alloy surfacing, wear and abrasion resistance performance.

      4. Stem surface by corrosion resistance of nitriding, with good corrosion resistance and scratch resistance.

      5. Pressure from the tight seal body, press the pressure by the wedge seal ring to achieve the medium pressure, the higher the pressure the better the sealing performance.

      Third, the installation instructions: 1. Valve installation must be installed vertically in the horizontal pipe, the media can enter from either side. Only after the pipeline rinses clean installs the valve. 2. The valve in use, should be fully open or fully closed, can not be used for control valve.

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