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      Stainless steel ball valve

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      Stainless steel ball valve BQ41F

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      Stainless steel ball valve BQ41F

      Insulation ball valve and the flange valve is the same type of valve, the difference in its closure is a sphere, the ball around the centerline of the body for rotation to open, close a valve. Ball valve in the pipeline is mainly used to do cutting, distribution and change the direction of flow of media. Two-piece ball valve, three-piece ball valve, is widely used in recent years, a new type of valve, the general level of such valves installed.

      1. The fluid resistance is small, the resistance coefficient and the same length of the pipe section equal.

      2. Simple structure, small size, light weight.

      3. Tight and reliable, the ball valve sealing surface material widely used plastic, sealing, and in the vacuum system has also been widely used.

      4. Easy to operate, open and close quickly, from full open to fully closed as long as the rotation 90 °, easy remote control.

      5. Easy maintenance, simple ball valve, seals are generally activities, the removal replacement is more convenient.

      6. In the fully open or fully closed, the ball and seat sealing surface and medium isolation, the media through, it will not cause corrosion of the valve sealing surface.

      7. Wide range of applications, from small to a few millimeters in diameter, large meters, from high vacuum to high pressure can be applied. Rotate the ball 90 degrees, in the inlet and outlet should be presented all spherical, and thus cut off the flow.

      Insulation ball valve is a relatively new type of ball valve, it has its own structure unique to some of the advantages, such as the switch without friction, sealing is not easy to wear, opening and closing torque is small. This reduces the size of the actuators to be used. Coupled with multi-turn electric actuator can be achieved on the media regulation and tight cut off. Widely used in the oil, wiki, chemical, urban water supply and drainage requirements of the strict cut off the working conditions.

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