Wholesome Pop


I’ve been writing and recording music for nearly 25 years. With rare exceptions, until now it has been mostly a private thing, or shared with friends, or occasionally inflicted on strangers. Pets also tend to hear a lot of it. My collaborator Rick Mohring and I have finally decided to share our work with a larger audience through a songblog on which we will regularly be posting new recordings and related content. It’s free to all, the songs are downloadable, and all I ask is you don’t leave me too many, “You sound like a frog—stick to baseball!” comments.

This is a very exciting thing for me as this has been one of my main creative outlets away from sportswriting for years. I very much hope you give us a try and enjoy our efforts.

There are three ways to follow along: on the web site, at Facebook, where you can “fan” us if you’re so inclined, and at Twitter.